A tradition of 350 years

in wine-making


Since 1670 our family has been devoted to the art of wine-growing for over 340 years on the Mosel and Ruwer. Beginning in 2013, Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning now continues the family’s wine tradition into the 11th generation.

Our wine estate, steeped in tradition, carefully hand-produces only elegant Riesling white wines, Riesling sparkling wines, and delicately fruity Pinot Noir reds.

Ruwer Rieslings are some of the most sought-after wines in the world. The reason for their popularity lies in the unique minerality of the slate soil in the region. Our Pinot noir grows in the Kaseler Nies'chen region and is the only red wine from this location famous among connoisseurs around the world.

As the oldest sparkling wine manufacturer in the Ruwer Valley, we offer a collection of elegant Riesling sparkling wines. Our sparkling wines are manufactured using the champagne method and mature through bottle fermentation in the traditional way.


Tradition & diligence

Wine-growing requires balance: between doing and not doing, trust and knowledge, humility and courage, sweaty work and technical care, between respect for the old and an eye for the new. Winemaking needs a deep understanding of the connections between nature. Wine growing takes patience, because the cycles in the wine industry are long and stable.


This is my self-concept in my actions. I work on this every day and every year. With great appreciation of the knowledge of my ancestors and the experience of my family in the wine industry. With gratitude to be able to transform such a wonderful grape from a small grape.


Dominikaner Weingut
C. von Nell-Breuning

D - 54317 Kasel

Phone:  +49  651  51 80


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