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Viticulture for 350 years

Since 1670 and therefore for more than 350 years, our family has been dedicated to the art of viticulture on the steep slate slopes of the Moselle and Ruwer. In the 11th generation, Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning continues this tradition and runs the family's Dominican winery in the Ruwertal. 

We consciously concentrate on the cultivation of the classic grape varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir. In our vineyards, which fall steeply and ruggedly towards the Ruwer, we do all the vine work by hand. As the oldest sparkling wine manufacturer in the Ruwertal, we also produce sparkling wine using traditional bottle fermentation. For the fifth year now, we have been working in our vineyards and cellar according to biodynamic principles. We have not used any herbicides for ten years now.

We take our time to create authentic wines. Wines of great elegance and longevity. Unmistakable in taste.

Carmen von Nell Winzerin

Tradition & care

Winemaking requires a balance: between doing and not doing, trust and knowledge, humility and courage, hard work and careful craftsmanship, between respect for the old and an eye for the new. Winemaking requires a deep understanding of the interrelationships of nature. Winemaking requires patience, because the cycles in winemaking are long and constant.


That is how I see myself in what I do. I work on this every day and every year. In gratitude to be able to transform such a wonderful thing from a small cluster.

Trauben in Hand
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