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Wine-making for 350 years

Since 1670 and now for 350 years, our family has been dedicated to the art of wine-growing on the Mosel and Ruwer. Since 2013, Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning continues the family´s winemaking history into the 11th generation. We concentrate on the noble grape varieties of Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), which are two varieties well known for their transparent expression of terroir. As the oldest Sekt producer in the Ruwer Valley, we produce sparkling wine from Riesling through traditional bottle fermentation.

In our steep vineyards, which fall ruggedly towards the small river of Ruwer, we work entirely by hand. While this takes more time, it also allows for greater care, which is essential to the production of quality wines. For two years now, we have been appying biodynamic principles in our vineyards and our cellar. We take time for making authentic wines. Wines of great elegance and longevity. Distinctive by taste.



Tradition & care



Making wine requires balance: between action and inaction, trust and knowledge, humbleness and courage, strenuous labour and artisanal care, respect for tradition and an eye on the future. Making wine requires a deep understanding of the interrelationships in nature and it requires patience, since the cycles of making wine are long and continuous.

This is what I live by. This is what I work for each day and each year anew. With a deep regard for the knowledge of my ancestors and my family’s experience in viticulture. I am grateful to be able to transform a small grape into something so wonderful and great.


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