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brand names

​The crowned "N" is found on all products produced by the company. The monogram with its symbolic crown stands for the initials of the "Nell" family name. As the brand emblem, it can be found on every bottle, as well as on each individual cork. Before the era of labels on wine bottles, corks were the only way to differentiate between the goods. Embodying that tradition, the von Nell-Breuning winery remains true to this trademark to this day.

​The Nell family coat of arms displays two ears of corn and two sea creatures in the quartered shield. The ears of corn symbolise the long-standing agricultural tradition of the family. The sea creatures are based on the coat of arms of the Irish O´Neill clan, ancestors of the present-day Nells. As the Nells were regarded as prosperous "rafters" in the past in addition to the family's wine-growing tradition, Neptune, the god of running water, symbolises the connection with this craft. Red and blue are the main colours on the coat of arms.

​Christian Nell, or Peter Christian von Nell to be precise, began the wine-growing tradition in the family in 1670. He was ennobled for his services in 1709. In addition to wine-growing, he also ran his father's business as a rafter and timber merchant on the Rhine. As a talented businessman, he quickly recognised the synergies between the two businesses and began exporting his wines to Holland, leading to the successful growth of the wine business. His writing is still found on every bottle produced by the company to this day.

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