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Ludwig & Eleonore

Ludovico Eleonore sparkling wine

235 years ago, the young Ludwig van Beethoven met the von Beuning family - my direct ancestors – in Bonn. This was the beginning of a lifelong, very close relationship between Beethoven and my family and we are proud to carry the von Breuning name.


Helene von Breuning recognised the genius of the 15 year old Beethoven and supported his early career. Beethoven was at liberty to move in and out of the von Breuning home. He taught the children piano. Daughter Eleonore von Breuning was his first love and he dedicated several pieces to her.


Her brother Stephan was a close, lifelong friend of Beethoven. He accompanied Beethoven from Bonn to Vienna where he worked as a librettist on some of Beethoven’s works, including Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio, which originally was call “Leonore”.


As the oldest Sparkling Wine producer in the Ruwer Valley, Sekt lies at the heart of what we do. To commemorate the history of my family, two of our Riesling Sparkling Wines are named LUDOVICO and ELEONORE.


On the occasion of Beethoven’s 250th birth year in 2020, we commissioned Cologne artist Christiane Gerda Schmidt to create portraits of the young Beethoven and Eleonore for the wine labels. The original family portraits are held in the Beethoven Haus Bonn. This limited edition was available only in relation to this special anniversary celebrated in 2020 as a tribute to this young love and everlasting genius.




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