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Rafts from Nell


Roman emperor Joseph I. of Hungary and Bohemia ennobles Peter Christian Nell for his services.

Nell's little country


Napoleon visits Trier and stays as a guest of the von Nells in the newly founded "Nells Ländchen" guest house. Impressed with the beauty of the extensive parks, Napoleon expresses his esteem with the gift of an elegant dinner service.

Seal of Nell


The court of the Russian Tsar orders 1100 bottles of "Dominikanerberg" from the year 1911. The 1911 is the first wine of the 20th century.

Oswald Nell Breuning


Theologian Oswald von Nell-Breuning, Jesuit and founder of the Catholic social teaching, becomes an honorary citizen of his home town of Trier at 90 years of age. A few years later, he passes on to his nephew and only godchild Christoph the name suffix "Breuning". From then on, the winery is known as "von Nell-Breuning". As an advisor to Pope Pius XI., Oswald von Nell-Breuning had made a significant contribution to the famous social encyclical of 1931. He also addressed important issues of economic ethics and economic and social policy in numerous writings.

Eleonore Breuning


Ludwig van Beethoven, as a young piano teacher and close friend of the family, teaches music to the children in the von Breuning family. Daughter Eleonore becomes Beethoven's first love and he dedicates a number of pieces to her. Brother Stephan becomes a lifelong close friend of Beethoven. He moves to Vienna in 1801 and revises Sonnleithner's original text for Beethoven's opera Fidelio. After Beethoven´s death in 1827, Stephan von Breuning settles Beethoven´s inheritance.

Dominican winery

Around 1890

Oskar von Nell establishes the winery in neighbouring Kasel and quickly develops it into an exemplary wine-growing business.

Nell Kasel's couple


Christoph and Ingeborg von Nell take over the winery in Kasel and apply modern management methods. They achieve international recognition with their still and sparkling wines from the Dominikanerberg and Paulinsberg estates. They are the first to make sparkling wine in the Ruwer Valley.



International wine competition in Bordeaux. The Dominikaner Weingut C. von Nell-Breuning wins the only gold medal for Germany.

Christoph Philipp von Nell


Under Napoleon Bonaparte, Christoph Phillipp von Nell is a member of the National Assembly and obtains large areas of land and vineyards in and around Trier. The wines from the von Nell business become known beyond the borders of Trier.

VdP Trier


Dr. jur. Arthur von Nell – brother of Oskar – is co-founder of the renowned Trier wine auction organisation "Der große Ring", the precursor of the current VDP estates (Association of the German Prädikat Wine Estates)

Petersberg Bonn


Chancellor Helmut Schmidt entertains Queen Margarethe of Denmark at the Petersberg in Bonn with "Dominikanerberg" Riesling.

Carmen by Nell


Ingeborg and Christoph von Nell-Breuning hand over the winery to their youngest daughter Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning, who now continues the family´s wine tradition into the 11th generation. Today our wines have been awarded by Feinschmecker, Eichelmann, Meininger, the Berlin Wine Trophy, Mosel Fine Wines and Wine Enthusiast.

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