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As the oldest sparkling wine factory in the Ruwertal we produce sparkling wine in traditional bottle fermentation. Our Riesling sparkling wine are the flagship of our winery. The grapes come from our monopoly location, the Kaseler Dominikanerberg.


We make our Riesling sparkling wine in the flavors of dry to zéro dosage. The names of the wines are reminiscent of the friendship between Ludwig van Beethoven, Stephan and Eleonore von Breuning and are called »Ludovico«, »Stephanus« and »Eleonora«.

Gold medal each for DOMINIKUS zéro and LUDOVICO brut at the International Wine Competition in Lyon 2018 respectively 2019

The core of what we do. Cool-climate wines with moderate alcohol, good structure and complexity. Our wines bring elegance, lightness, harmony and delicate fruitiness into the glass. The backbone of the wine has a distinct and cooling minerality, sometimes spiciness, reflecting the mineral-rich slate soils of our fascinating steep slopes—relics of over 400-million-year-old marine deposits. Wines of great aging potential.


We offer Riesling wines from dry and off-dry to fruity style wines. From estate wines to high-quality wines, such as Auslese.

Awarded by Mosel Fine Wines, Berliner Weine Trophy, Eichelmann as well as Meininger´s Weinwelt

The grape varietal Pinot noir requires very particular terroir conditions as well as  all of the knowledge and the artisanal mastery of its cellarmaster. Our south-faced vineyard in the Kaseler Nies´chen offers ideal conditions to coax a balanced combination of colour, fruit and the typical burgundy flavour out of our Pinot noirs. As such, our wines are harmonious, warm in flavour, with a ripe acidity and a pleasant, delicate tannin structure.


All our Pinot noirs are fermented dry. Ruva Rubina matures in a steel tank and presents itself with classical burgundy-flavours to cherry and black berries. Furthermore, we have two lines of Pinot noir that mature in wooden barriques barrel: Spätburgunder barrique and NB Privat.


As a complement, we do offer a Pinot noir rosé wine – not only for summer days.

SILVER medal for NB PRIVAT at the International Wine Competition in Lyon, 2019

Our Riesling wines are light and delicate yet also structured and complex. At the same time, our wines are unique for their potential to mature over years, even decades. Particularly our wines from Kaseler Dominikanerberg develop with time to wines of great depth and elegance - incomparable to any young wine. These wines of outstanding vintages are closely guarded treasures in our cellar - wines made for eternity - wines sought after by connoisseurs around the world.


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Dominikaner Weingut
C. von Nell-Breuning

D - 54317 Kasel

Phone:  +49  651  51 80


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