Handwork & care

In our steep vineyards, we work entirely by hand. Pruning in winter, management of the canopy across summer, and the harvest in autumn, are all exclusively done by hand. While this takes more time, it also allows for greater care and is essential to the production of quality wines.

Just as the vineyards are passed from generation to generation and are the foundation of our work in the winery, we treat the vineyards as part of the family. Respect and sustainability are key to maintaining these precious vineyards. We live within and by nature, following the cycle of the seasons.

We bring natural compost into our vineyards and return to the soil the nutrients which the vines have extracted. We refrain from using any herbicides in order to maintain the natural balance of our soil. In our steep slope vineyards, this requires significantly more effort.

Low yields per vine, strict selection, harvest (if possible) not before mid-October, physiological ripeness - we work in our vineyards each year anew according to this maxim. 

Dominikaner Weingut
C. von Nell-Breuning

D - 54317 Kasel

Phone:  +49  651  51 80


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